Paint color has the power to transform any room completely. Whether one goes for a bold-colored accent wall, or a unique color for the ceiling, the colors you choose to leave a considerable impact on the overall interior of your space. However, choosing the correct color for your area sometimes becomes exceptionally tricky, which is why understating color trends are significant.
The year 2020 is known by professionals as the year of bold color choices. Think about dying those walls that have always been white with colors full of personality! From elegant pastels to vibrant hues, following are some of the top colors you will be tempted to ask your painter in Greenville SC to incorporate in your color scheme!

Dusty Teal

Dusty teal is a fantastic neutral that pairs exceptionally well with different colors such as navy, pale woods, camel, peach, and rust, to name a few. This means you have a lot of different options to choose from when it comes to using dusty teal in your Exterior Painting Greenville SC. Not only is this color deep, but it has a sense of calm around it as well!

Warm Pastels

Even though pastels have always been a favorite amongst people, in 2020, pastel colors that have added warmth and earthy undertones are a new favorite. For the overall palettes which will be used for this year, it is forecasted that both spring, as well as autumnal pastel, will be used by maintenance services.

Moody Hues

Moody hues have been a timeless favorite when it comes to this year. Vibrant greens and blues have become a new favorite when it comes to interior painting. Deeper, moodier colors are best to use if you want to bring out a personality of the space you are decorating.

Pigmented Terracotta

The pigmented terracotta with earthy tones is a robust palette. In the year 2020, this terracotta color gains more personality by absorbing colors. You can also add to it an added dose of burnt rose to find the seamless example which can be used to decorate both residential as well as public interiors by the painter in Greenville SC.

Pale and Matte

Slightly toned whites painted on frosted surfaces have gained more momentum in 2020 as they perfectly complement both very light and dark environments. Even though this palette might not draw so much attention, it is best to use if you want a softer effect.

Saturated Blue

Even though it is incredibly eccentric saturated blue is one of the most loved colors of the year 2020. Full of life, this color, when used, punctuates energy in the space through its unexpected splashes of colors!

Metallic Black

Who though black would make it to the list, but 2020 is a year of surprises. To make this color choice even more interesting are the surfaces which bring out the metallic glow along with matte black ones, which can be used simultaneously to create a game of perception.

We hope the above mentioned color palettes will help you when it comes to briefing your maintenance services provider about what you want in your new space!