Concrete Staining

Looking for concrete stain in the Greenville, SC area? You’ve landed at the right place.The best concrete stain for walls and floors is one that bonds integrally, subsequently colorizing masonry surfaces or porous concrete. The concrete staining creates one of a kind, natural variegated effect without using the acid stains in roughly half the time. With Total Paint USA, there are no neutralization concerns. So, enjoy full concrete stain color control with limitless design versatility that simply can’t be achieved with acid stains. At Total Paint USA, we use both interior and exterior concrete staining applications. We ensure that the concrete stain doesn’t peel or flake.

Why use Concrete Stain?

Resembling stone, leather, or marble, concrete stain is basically one of the most cost-effective solutions today for concrete countertops, concrete floors, and exterior concrete-like statuary, cinder block, walls, walks, pool decks, patios, driveways, and more. Whether used with products or not, for instance, the high traffic mop on floor wax and the premium sealer, it’s not just a simple-to-use green product, but a lower maintenance surface as well. It’s also less expensive than decorative surfaces and traditional flooring.

Use Exterior Concrete Stain to Enhance the Outdoors: Add curb appeal and complement your surroundings along with growing property value at tremendous savings in comparison to other decorative surfaces. If you wish to seal the concrete for better protection and beauty, let Total Paint USA assist you.

Use Interior Stained Concrete to Revamp Traditional Flooring: Interior stained concrete floors are beautiful, unique, and far less expensive than traditional flooring. They are also very allergy-friendly. They come with a high-end look, simply enhancing the luster, depth, beauty, and colors by waxing and sealing your floors.All in all, Total Paint USA believes that concrete staining has been used to add a distinct edge to a variety of projects for a lengthy period of time. Contact us to save hassle, money, and time.