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The deck is one aesthetic and relaxing part of your home. It’s where you spend lively summer evenings relaxing with your family and friends, barbeque, or simply just enjoying evening tea. You want your house’s deck to be durable and studier to last long and withstand harsh weather conditions. The best way to protect your beloved deck is to have it stained and maintained on a regular basis. The deck staining professionals at Total Paint USA have helped countless homeowners in Greenville SC in keeping their decks attractive and weather-resistant.

But only using the perfect manufacturing material is not enough. Your deck needs regular protection by deck restoration services. It’s one of the ideal possible processes to keep your deck safe. Experts and professionals at Total Paint USA cater to your deck staining needs at very reasonable prices without compromising even a bit on work quality.

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According to your specific deck needs, you can choose different deck services that may include:


  1. Scraping: The Removal of any gravel, dirt, and chipped paint. It’s necessary if not required.
  2. Power Wash: Before starting any process, it’s essential to clean up even the tiniest dirt particles so you can get the best staining or paint results. A power wash is one brilliant way to do it.
  3. Sanding: Sanding becomes necessary when there are uneven areas, and we have to level these bumps to get an even surface.
  4. Paint or Stain: After we are done completing the above steps, we finally apply the highest quality stain to your deck’s surface.

Why is Deck Staining Important?


Staining your deck doesn’t only enhance your home’s curb appeal, but it also increases your deck’s lifespan by preventing it from rotting and insect infestation. Deck staining also prevents the wood from absorbing humidity, which can later freeze in winter, causing costly damage.

When it comes to choosing the perfect deck staining color, there are plenty of options to consider, from bold solid colors to natural-looking clear wood stains. While you’re picking one to go with your house’s curb appeal perfectly, you should consider that a natural, clear stain will bring out the wood grain aesthetically; however, a solid color will undermine the natural woody feel.

We Are the Best Deck Staining Company!


Hiring a professional deck staining company to do the job is necessary. If someone without the proper knowledge and experience stains your deck, chances are they might mess it up. That’s why we are your no#1 deck staining service providers in Greenville SC, offering you the best deck refinishing cost. At Total Paint USA, we use the finest quality product and years of experience to carry out the painting job for you!


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