With the uncertain change in seasons and climate, it’s important to protect your property from the outdoor elements. To ensure your commercial or residential space is protected, we prepare every surface thoroughly. This may comprise replacing damaged surfaces, patching holes, power tool cleaning of rust and flaking paint, caulking cracks, and power washing.

One-Stop Exterior Painting Solutions Greenville SC

At Total Paint USA, we offer our years of experience with exterior painting in Greenville, SC, including comprehensive product knowledge to assist you in deciding on the right materials for your building. Besides, our professional workers use their time to perform every step of the project correctly, with the laborious preparative being inclusive so that your projects receive the maximum performance.

Total Paint USA serves the whole nation as a renowned commercial painting contractor. We’re prepared to handle even the most sensitive or toughest jobs. We can also ensure your office exterior is appropriately prepped up and cleaned before every painting job. We’ve been serving the area of Greenville for long, and we’re ready to show you just how much of a difference some color can make. However, we believe in more than just paint. Our belief is firmly tied to delivering lasting quality, focusing first and foremost on the experience of our customers.From our upfront pricing to our time management skills and color consultations, we do everything in our capacity to make your project as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Beyond that, we offer painting services so pleasing that you won’t be able to control yourself from showing off.

Professional Exterior Painting Services

Total Paint USA closely works with clients to offer painting services that can accommodate any building under any budget. The only thing we prioritize is getting the job done the right way. We’ll then proceed with a thorough, final checkup with the client while drying the paint to ensure little to no touchups are required. We’ll then offer a full cleanup service before finally completing the job. Remember, never underestimate the power of a clean and fresh view of paint to the outside of your home. Our fundamental priority is to ensure that your daily workings are not disturbed.