Professional Home Maintenance Services

Does your home need some life to be injected into it? A fresh coat of paint can take a stale-looking, old building, completely rejuvenating its curb appeal and making you fall in love all over again. When it comes to home maintenance services and painting the interior and exterior of your home, the expert residents have come to trust and know Total Paint USA. As one of the leading residential painters in Greenville, SC, our professionals can take even the most worn-out interior and exterior, bringing it back to life with a fresh coat of top-notch outdoor paint, applied using skillful techniques and professional tools to ensure a quality finish every time.

Excellent Quality at an Affordable Price

Here at Total Paint USA, we conduct ourselves to the best standards. We arrive on time, finish the job according to schedule, and leave with an outcome that goes way over your expectations. Our number one goal is your satisfaction, and we take each and every step of the painting process seriously, from final quality checks to our initial preparation. And we ensure there are no surprises along the way: from showing up on time to finishing on time and offering you with an upfront, accurate price quote. We promise to deliver:

  1. Superior quality: We properly prepare the area, using the correct equipment for the job to ensure that the job is performed as is expected of it.
  2. Professional expertise: Feel confident that you’re appointing the best in the business.
  3. On-time: We’ll show up at the scheduled time, ensuring that it’s completed in the allocated term.
  4. Clean work areas: We always ensure that our work area is cleaned up.
  5. On budget: When we offer a price for the job, we’ll stick to it. After the completion of work, there won’t be any surprise fee.

Why Choose Maintenance Service From Total Paint USA?

At Total Paint USA, we offer top-rated customer experience and high-quality painting and maintenance services. With independently operated and owned locations across South Carolina, Total Paint USA is focused on providing homeowners with the best painting services they can hope for. Freshening up the paint in your space may revitalize both the insides and outsides of the walls. Irrespective of whether you want to go bold or neutral with your choice of color, a brand new coat of paint can make all the difference in the way your office or home feels and looks. This is what sets us apart:

  1. Accurate onsite estimates with project details
  2. Easy scheduling and quick response times
  3. Results delivered on budget and on time.

Does Maintenance Contractor Painting The Walls Yourself Frustrate You?

While painting seems like a task that anyone can handle, there is actually a skill and an art to it. Achieving complete coverage, straight lines, and having the know how to select the right materials and paint is what sets an expert apart from the rest. When you appoint Total Paint USA, you can trust that we use only the best painting contractors in the market and are adamant about offering you an astonishing finished product.